Due to their size and weight, road accidents involving trucks are some of the most fatal and devastating incidents that one can imagine with extensive injuries, death and damage to property usually following in its wake.

There are several State and Federal laws regulating the operation of trucks, the safe loading of cargo, speed limits, and maintenance requirements and the physical state and capabilities of truck drivers.  All drivers of commercial vehicles, like trucks, buses, school buses and motor coaches, in the USA are required to hold a Commercial Driver’s License. Drivers must also undergo tests to make sure they are not abusing alcohol or other controlled substances.

There are some complicated legal issues arising from a truck accident. Firstly the company can be held vicariously liable for damage caused by negligent driving. This means that companies will likely dispatch a team of attorneys, insurance adjusters and investigators to the scene of an accident. If the accident was caused by driver fatigue it will be imperative to make sure that the driver had indeed complied with the stringent federal regulations on driving hours, rest hours and stop times. Drivers are, for instance, barred from driving for more than 10 hours straight or 11 hours non-consecutive hours.

Trucks create a number of unusual, potential driving hazards including a longer breaking distance, big blind spots and the effects of cross-winds. There is also a chance that motorists who collide with the back of a truck might be more severely injured than under normal circumstances as the main point of impact will be the windshield and not the front-end crumple zone.

There should also be an investigation to make sure that the vehicle complied with regulations on truck maintenance.

If a truck is carrying hazardous materials it is subjected to a special set of rules including parking restrictions and smoking restrictions.

It is important to immediately report a truck accident and give all the necessary details of what happened.

Secondly it will be best if you see a doctor as soon as possible so that your injuries can be documented properly as your attorney might need it later. You must also notify your insurance company. If you or one of your dependents have suffered injury or damage during a truck accident it is advisable to see an attorney so that the necessary investigation and gathering of evidence can happen quickly.

Vital evidence in this regard will include information on the truck’s maintenance, the driver’s identity and logbook, how fast the truck was traveling and information on the company’s insurance policies and safety record.

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